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It is quite important to get the measurements correct otherwise the jacket may not be secure.
For a cat in the normal domestic cat size range I will need two measurements, the neck size and the chest size. Both measurements need to be quite a tight fit, you should just be able to get one finger in between the cat and the measuring tape. Do not be tempted to add a bit on for good measure, the jackets will adjust to a much larger size than measured but will not adjust very much for a smaller size – it is therefore better to be slightly too tight with the measurements than too loose. If your cat is smaller or larger than a normal range, please contact me so that I can advise which, if any, additional measurements are required.
The neck measurement should be taken where a collar would fit, the chest measurement should be taken around the body just behind the front legs.
If you do not have a tape measure a good way to get the measurements is to cut a long strip of flexible card about 15-20mm wide, wrap this around the area being measured and mark it with a pen where it overlaps when it is the correct tightness, you can then lay the card out flat and measure the length to the mark with a ruler.
Many cats are not very happy about having the measurements taken so you may find it much easier if you get someone to help you hold him/ her while it is being done.
The measurements need to be entered on the order page in millimetres, if you prefer to measure in inches you can use the google search box to convert from inches to millimetres, for example if your measurement was 10 5/8″  just go to www.google.com and enter the following in the search box “10 5/8 inches in mm” and you will be given the answer 269mm (you can ignore anything after the decimal point)
I do look out for measurements which look out of the ordinary and if I think there may have been a mistake I will contact you via email to double check before I start the jacket, I would prefer to waste a little time double checking than send out a jacket which may not be a good fit ;)
If you have any problems with measuring your cat please feel free to contact me and discuss it, I usually reply to emails very quickly but as I am not at the computer 24/7 sometimes it may take up to 24 hours for me to reply.
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