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Valerian & Cat Nip

Valerian Root is a natural product which is used in some sleeping aids for humans. It is also a cat attractant similar to catnip and has a very similar effect - turns your cat into a kitten again!

Unlike catnip Valerian does not need the cat to have inherited a specific gene in order to react, so cats which do not react to catnip will normally react to Valerian. Valerian is also suitable for kittens, normally cats do not react to catnip until they become sexually mature at 6 to 8 months of age however Valerian usually works even with very young kittens.

All our Valerian toys contain dried chopped Valerian root which is completely safe and natural, we do not use processed Valerian oils or essences.

Valerian has a rather pungent odour which has been likened to "Cheesy feet" but cats find it completely irresistible, the odour will be strong when you first open your toy but after a day or two the odour tends to fade to the point where you can hardly smell it. However, cats will still be able to detect it and react to it even when the odour has faded.

Check out this video of one of my customers two Bengal cats, Snowpoke and Toastface, playing with Happy House Cats Valerian toys..

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